Office of Disability Services and 资源

A student navigating campus in a wheelchair

love爱博通过提供高质量的学术教育服务于一个多元化的社区, workforce development and adult education opportunities that are accessible and affordable. 为了这个目的, 学院完全支持并努力遵守美国残疾人法案(艾达)。, Title II and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

love爱博努力为所有学生创造一个温馨的环境,并将与教师真诚合作, 教职员及学生应为残障人士提供无障碍及合理的便利. 

The Disability Services and 资源 Office is located in the Joe Ford Building, Suite 105 on the College's 东广校区. 我们鼓励学生, visitors and employees with disabilities to contact us to discuss accommodation needs. Pam Clough is the contact person and can be reached at or 256-549-8462.


About Disability Services and 资源

The Disability Services and 资源 Office (DSR) offers coordination of accommodation needs, 残疾相关信息, 辅助技术服务, sign language interpreting and transcription services for academically related purposes.  DSR does not offer disability evaluation and/or testing, 辅导, 个人支出, attendants or scholarships; however, we do provide resources and referral information.


A campus community in which students with disabilities are equal members without barriers.


加兹登州残疾服务和资源办公室将与教师进行互动和合作, 工作人员, and students to achieve an equitable 学习 environment for students with disabilities; 



  • 股本 -只有当所有学生都能充分参与教育机会时,才能实现访问, 活动, 和GSCC提供的服务.
  • 协作 -当来自整个校园的个人聚集在一起以满足不同学习者社区的需求时,就会发生访问.
  • 卓越 -我们努力建立最佳实践,发挥领导作用,解决入学障碍,推动关于高等教育中残疾人问题的全球对话.




  • 教室可访问性
  • 测试设施
  • 作业的备选格式
  • 记录员/笔记员
  • Sign language interpreters / CART captionists
  • 读者/文员
  • 自适应技术
    • E-texts (electronic copies of textbooks, restrictions apply)
    • 计算器(有限制)
    • TextAloud文本转语音软件
    • Large print copies of syllabi, tests and handouts
    • FM systems (for us by 听力-impaired students)
    • 放大听诊器
    • Closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs, stationary)
    • 扫描仪
    • 盲文压花机
    • 可调节高度的桌子
  • 辅助电脑软件
    • Window-Eyes, ZoomText, Jaws, Scientific Notebook
  • 服务性动物(允许)